My car was not idling correctly and stalled at a red light. I took it here and the next day he called me with the problem and walked me through the engine to explain exactly what was happening, no gimmicks or anything like that. i really appreciated that. I had my car back the day after that within a reasonable price. i've recommended Bennett's Auto Repair to many of my friends. Great job, great service.

-- Susan D. 2014

My wife and I have been going here since the early 1990s - when they were located on Parmenter and Century. You will not find a more honest and skilled auto repair shop in the Madison area. When we first started going to Bennett's we were struggling college students trying to keep an old ford fiesta going. They treated us great - fixing only what needed fixing and charging us very reasonable rates. Fast forward 20+ years - they have continued to be excellent and honest. When I pay for parts and service, I know I'm getting my money's worth.

-- Steve F. 2013

The most you can ask for a mechanic, honest, hard working, and great service. I would never go anywhere else.

-- Cole T. 2015

Carl, Larry, Matt keep our old cars running well past what we intended to drive them. They are always honest, and dead-on with their diagnosis and pricing. Since our 3 cars have high mileage (which we attribute to Bennetts great care and maintenance) we only trust them to keep our cars in top shape.

Every time we take our cars there for an oil change, they go over everything and "warn" us that we'll need brakes in 6 months, or a battery before winter, etc. Not that they try to upsell us stuff we don't need, but more like they give us a heads up on maintenance ahead of when it's replacement time, so we can plan for it and don't feel like someone is trying to shake you down when you just went in for an oil change. Great guys, smart, fair prices, great work and no reason to go anywhere else.

-- Ann K. 2013

I am your average woman who knows jack squat about her car. My dashboard wasn't lighting up and I was afraid I might have blown a fuse. I called Bennett's to ask if they could take a look at my car and the man on the phone was so helpful. He asked me to check my dimmer switch to see if it had been bumped. Sure enough I have such a thing and it had been turned off by accident! So I didn't have to go to there shop at all. Now some places would have said bring it in and I'd been charged something for the look but this kind person helped me over the phone! So in turn I'm leaving them great feedback and intend to use them for all my auto repair needs because I feel safe with my car in there hands.

-- AmandaKay M. 2011

I'm very pleased how Bennett's solved an intermittent problem with my high mileage car at a fair price! Would recommend their service for sure!

-- Ken W. 2014

I started using Bennett's a few years back upon recommendation of a friend. They have a reputation for honesty and every experience I have had there upholds this. Recently brought them in my older car that was I planning to ready for private sale. There was vibration in the wheel at high-speeds, they quickly diagnosed the issue, fixed it with minimal expense and included a free "once-over" on the rest of the vehicle to ensure it was ready for sale. This was all printed out for me *again-no extra charge* and came in handy for potential buyers to assure them the vehicle was sound. I am also a woman, and never feel that they try to take advantage of my lack of auto-knowledge. The only drawback is their new location which is hard-to-find the first time and slightly inconvenient, but this is a minor complaint.

-- Ar A. 2013

Best service in town! Dealt with this shop many times and have always had a great experience. Very helpful and highly recommended. Honest and great prices. A+ in my book!

-- Tye R.

Very honest, down to earth, professional mechanics. You can't ask for more out of an auto repair shop.

-- Dan S.

I'm from out of town and ran into some car trouble late on a Friday evening. I did a quick search on my phone and found Bennett's. They were able to hook me up with a tow to their place, although they don't do weekends. So, I had to wait until Monday before any feedback on what was going on. The problem ended up being a seized AC compressor which they were able to diagnose very quickly for an estimate. Long story short, they did a quality, timely job for me with the car done Wednesday morning (a part needed to be shipped from Chicago). This could have really dragged out if they had not stayed on top of it. They also did a wonderful job of keeping me updated on status without me having to call every few hours. Middleton is lucky to have them!

-- Ken F. 2011

I have been using Bennett's for well over 15 years and they have also been fair and honest.

-- Ryan P.

Wonderful! Very fair prices for outstanding work. They did a 1st rate job on my 1937 Buick .I was nervous about having a shop work on our 'old' car - they put me at ease and delivered!  They have helped us with flat tires on our Hondas and seem to be able to do anything that one throws at them.  The shop is a little hard to find and worth the search.

-- From a Google User

My wife had some radiator troubles and we were concerned it would be an expensive and lengthy repair process. We took it over to Bennett's and they got it done same day at a very inexpensive price. They were friendly, helpful, very professional, and consulted with us whenever they needed to make a decision that could affect the cost.  I'm often afraid of car repair places because I don't know much about cars, and I'm nervous about being ripped off. They didn't try to sell us on anything, there was no "while we were fixing this..." type of shenanigans. Honest, professional work. Highly recommended.

-- From a Google User

Excellent service, fair prices, and honest work. I have brought my car in multiple times and they have always found and fixed issues for a fair price. They have also done a few minor fixes labor free with oil changes (wiper replacements, heat shield repair). The first time I visited Bennett's was on a sunday when I was desperate with a flat, they hooked me up with a full size used tire for very cheap with no labor cost when they should have been closed. Their prices are not all bargain basement low, but I can trust them to be fair with me when work needs to be done on the car. It is worth it. Their mechanics know what they are doing and get the job done right. Great place, been going for 5 years now. Highly recommended.

-- Jon R. 2015

I’ve been having 3 cars serviced at Bennett’s for 20 years.  They’ve never let me down and always keep my vehicles on the road running like new.  It’s because of Bennett’s I’m able to get 150,000+ miles out of my vehicles.  It’s amazing.  They are great mechanics.  And the best thing is that they never over charge me. They get me in usually right away.  Sometimes they fix what’s needed on the spot so I can get on the road again.

I have recommended Bennett’s to all my friends and many are now regular customers.

-- John R. Middleton, WI 2016

Told them to replace my belt tensioner due to frequent squeaking after replacing my belt. They looked around and said, "nope, take the belt back and ask for a new one under warranty".. Charged me $12, and after installing a new belt, turns out they were right. Honest guys.

-- Mathew C. Verona, WI

I took my car here to get my brakes replaced.  They did the work quickly and at a good price.  I went here on a recommendation from a friend, and now I recommend it to my friends when they need work done.

-- Amanda C. Madison, WI


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