Brake Repair

Bennett’s Auto Repair will do a thorough brake system evaluation and recommend the best solution to get your brakes working safely again.

What To Watch For When Having Brake Problems

The first sign most people have that there may be a problem with the brake system is a squeal or scraping noise when applying the brakes. Many vehicle's have brake pads that are equipped with a warning sensor or "squeal tab". The warning sensor will emit a high pitched noise or a squealing sound when the brake pads are getting worn thin to let you know it's time to get the vehicle in for brake repair before the pads are worn out completely.

You may also experience a brake grinding sound or feeling in the brake foot petal if the pads have worn down to the metal backing plate. The grinding sound means you need to schedule an appointment immediatlely to have the brakes inspected.

In some situations you may feel a vibration in your brake pedal without any squeal or grinding. The vibration can be caused by warped brake rotors or drums, it could also be caused by a sticking brake. 

If you find yourself putting your brake pedal down closer to the floor you may have a brake fluid leak or stuck brake caliper.

It is also possible that your brakes make noise due to rust build up or simply because of the semi-metallic composition of the pads themselves.  


Any of these symptoms should be addressed immediately. Call Bennett's,we will inspect the entire brake system and give you an estimate on what repairs may need to be done before brake failure happens.


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